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A massive asteroid will fly by Earth on Monday barreling through

A massive asteroid will fly by Earth on Monday barreling through


NASA asteroid tracker: A 750FT asteroid is barreling toward an Earth APPROACH at 18,800MPH

NASA asteroid tracker: GIANT 11,700mph asteroid will hurtle close to Earth TODAY. AN ASTEROID barreling through ...

NASA asteroid tracker: Asteroid discovered TWO DAYS AGO flying for Earth approach TONIGHT. A GIANT asteroid barreling through ...

NASA asteroid WARNING: Giant 140 foot asteroid headed to Earth on Christmas Eve

NASA asteroid tracker: LOOK OUT for 10,700MPH asteroid barreling on 'Earth approach' TODAY. AN ASTEROID speeding through ...

NASA asteroid warning: Giant space rock over Earth

Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about, since the close brush will still see the asteroid miss Earth by nearly three million miles (4.67 million km).

NASA asteroid WARNING: A giant 127ft space rock will barrel past Earth TONIGHT

Don't Worry About Asteroid 2006QV89. There's Only a 1 in 7000 Chance It'll Hit the Earth in September

NASA asteroid WARNING: Giant asteroid headed for Earth approach TOMORROW at 29,000MPH

Newly found asteroid to buzz by on Halloween

Could We Actually Nuke an Asteroid to Save Earth?

NASA asteroid tracker: A 450FT asteroid is barrelling for Monday APPROACH

NASA asteroid WARNING: Asteroid SP1 bigger than BIG BEN barreling to Earth at 37,600mph

THREE asteroids measuring between 14ft and 232.9ft (4.3m to 71m) in diameter will shoot past the Earth at breakneck speeds, NASA's asteroid trackers have ...

An artist's impression of the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua

Asteroid 2012 TC4 flew 'damn close' to Earth today - but how prepared are we for a strike?

NASA asteroid tracker: A 255FT asteroid is headed past Earth TODAY at 24,226MPH –

nasa asteroid warning big ben

NASA Asteroid Warning: Huge Asteroid Is Headed For Earth This Weekend At 29K MPH

There are tons of asteroids and comets out there. Imagine seeing this one barrelling down

NASA issues 'near-Earth' warning as asteroids approach

This artist's concept shows a broken-up asteroid. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NEAR EARTH: There are fears about how effectively NASA is tracking asteroids (Pic: Getty) Related Articles

Asteroid Bennu is shown in this NASA photograph from December 2, 2018

Deflecting Killer Asteroids Away From Earth: How We Could Do It

Comet in space

Artwork: Fireball

NASA: 'Potentially hazardous asteroid' nears Earth

NASA asteroid WARNING: Asteroid bigger than Pyramids to skim Earth NEXT WEEK

Artist's sketch of OSIRIS-REx spacecraft collecting a sample from Bennu

NASA Asteroid Tracker: A 450ft Asteroid is Barreling for APPROACH Monday

Massive asteroid to race past Earth ...

Giant Asteroid to Pass Earth. More. Earth from space, artwork.

Rare blue asteroid responsible for Geminid meteor shower reveals itself during fly-by

An illustration of an asteroid approaching Earth and the moon

An asteroid with its own moon will zip past Earth tonight, according to NASA

Three radar images of near-Earth asteroid 2003 SD220 obtained on Dec. 15-17 © NASA

The Underfunded, Disorganized Plan to Save Earth from the Next Giant Asteroid

A huge asteroid will approach the Earth in 2029-m on Friday, the 13th

NASA asteroid WARNING: THREE giant asteroids coming toward Earth in THREE DAYS

What is the difference between a meteor, a meteorite, and a meteoroid?

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, which achieved a record orbit at asteroid Bennu earlier this month, has returned an image that, at first glance, ...

Asteroid to be visible this weekend. "

NASA asteroid WARNING: Giant lorry-sized Asteroid RH6 to skim Earth TONIGHT

Near-Earth asteroid approaching our planet.

Asteroid Florence, a large near-Earth asteroid

Dwarf planet Ceres is seen in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where it resides well away from Earth. NASA is hoping to quell online rumors that ...

Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment

WARNING: NASA said three asteroids will pass Earth tomorrow – and people are worried (Pic: Getty) Related Articles

Large asteroid with a moon will whisk past Earth this weekend

'God of Chaos' asteroid bigger than Eiffel Tower will pass unnervingly close to Earth in 2029

A large space rock safely passed by our planet earlier today, NASA asteroid trackers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, ...

A huge asteroid will squeak by Earth in 2029, and you'll be able to see it without a telescope

Artist's illustration of Hypothetical Planet X

This NASA graphic depicts the orbit of asteroid 2015 TB145. Nicknamed "The Great Pumpkin," it will safely fly past Earth slightly farther out than the ...

NASA Prepares for Asteroid's Close Pass by Earth

NASA asteroid Bennu: FIRST photo of giant space rock barreling through space | Science |

Near-Earth asteroid approaching our planet.

NASA 'Scout' system detects asteroids barreling towards Earth

In this artist illustration, dust released by an impact is focused away from the asteroid by the physical pressure of sunlight. NASA

NASA Asteroid Tracker: Near-Earth Object Taller Than Pyramids Will Skim Earth Today

A 130-Foot Asteroid Is Headed For Earth Tomorrow On A Safe 'Close Encounter'

The B612 Foundation is no longer pursuing a large space telescope called Sentinel (above) to look for near Earth asteroids in favor of a concept using ...

NASA gameplans massive asteroid strike

An artists illustration of incoming asteroids breaking up in Earth's atmosphere, as seen from Earth

NASA's Journey to Mars. The uncrewed ...

Private Companies Are Building an Exoskeleton Around Earth

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asteroid striking earth

Three HUGE asteroids will fly dangerously close to Earth this weekend, NASA warns

Asteroid Barreling Toward Earth Doesn't Pose A Threat: Scientists

On Wednesday, an 82-foot asteroid barreling through space at 33,000 miles per hour will pass Earth within the moon's orbit, or about 216,000 miles.

Can't write an asteroid article without an image of the Big Daddy of all


Ann Hodges being examined after she was struck by a meteorite, 1954. The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images. Asteroids can and do hit Earth.

These Are Not the Rovers You're Looking For

The Best-Ever Photos of an Asteroid's Rugged Terrain

'Potentially Hazardous Asteroids' Are Not The Asteroids You Should Worry About

View from Japan's Himawari satellite

National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) scientists have updated the world magnetic model (WMM) mid-cycle, as Earth's northern magnetic pole ...

Mysterious asteroid activity complicates NASA's sampling attempts

NASA/Hubble Space Telescope Comet Team