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47 Best alley oop images Comic strips Drawings Caricatures

47 Best alley oop images Comic strips Drawings Caricatures


Alley Oop comic strip and comic books in the 50s and 60s

Alley Oop: 75 Years of the Comic World of V.T. Hamlin - Vincent Trout Hamlin

Alley Oop April 10, 1939

Alley Oop Sunday

Your Favorite Comic Titles. Alley Oop had the best dinosaur and jungle drawings.

Gasoline Alley | What set Gasoline Alley apart from most comic strips from the beginning is

Original Comic Art:Comic Strip Art, Vincent T. Hamlin - Alley Oop Daily

... as Michael H. Price's awfully fine introductory essay informs us, it was Hamlin's wife , Dorothy, that suggested introducing time travel into the strip ...

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Franck King - Gasoline Alley. Classic Comics, Comic Page, Comic Strips, Art

It must have been both a challenge and a joy for Hamlin to draw new settings. He appears to have taken on the challenge with the swagger and competency of ...

Alley Oop...Big Little Book Little Books, Big Little, Magazine Articles

Original Comic Art:Comic Strip Art, Vincent T. Hamlin - Alley Oop Daily

Alley Oop (1962 Dell) comic book Vintage Comic Books, Vintage Cartoon, Comic

As the weeks tick by, Hamlin weaves in multiple characters, from historical figures to brilliant-but-nutty mad scientists (Price's essay in the book reveals ...

Alley Oop

Alley oop 1930's Comic Art

Oop is not the only time traveler from the prehistoric past. His girl, Ooola, comes with him. Hamlin then splits the narrative between Oop's countryside and ...

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Nancy Comic, Comic Drawing, American Comics, Funny Pins, American Splendor, Vintage Books, Comic Strips, Choirs, Pop Culture

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Nancy (comic strip)

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Original V.T. Hamlin drawing for cartoon in Review

ALLEY OOP: 1957 Time Travel Sequence

Outlandish as this combination of experiences may be, it was, apparently, good training for his life's work.

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Tarzan in comics

No comic strip had changed its venue so suddenly—and so dramatically—before. But with Alley Oop, it worked because Hamlin proved supremely adept in handling ...

... Funny Comic Strips: 'Alley Oop #2'

... Original Comic Art:Comic Strip Art, Johnny Hart B.C. Large-Scale Cartoon Original ...

2MiB, 3179x4703, R4DI1hVTK-fxzcd52yzTFb6I3I_MDNtyOjs2lbR3k812dBe62UpL8Styf3Cy8GWT.jpg

GAY STONE AGE by Jack Abbott

Alley Oop Sunday strip from May 17, 1942

The Johnny Hart Interview

An introduction by Eisner-winning comics creator and historian Frank M. Young looks at how Thompson's approach differed from the other Timely artists of the ...

What always struck me as odd as I didn't know Alley Oop had time traveling adventures for some time. I started out reading his stories in the Sunday comics.

Red Ryder

Alley Oop 1-28-75 Comic Art

Little Alley Oop: 'You think scientists will ever invent a number bigger than three

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Alley Oop Cartoonists

Your Favorite Comic Titles. Alley Oop had the best dinosaur and jungle drawings.

Original cartoon published cartoon by SMILBY (Francis Wilford Smith)

The comic strip Alley Oop was created by Vincent Trout (V.T.) Hamlin and debuted December 5, 1932. It featured the adventures of a caveman named Oop who ...

... writes the strip, but Hamlin's exemplary blend of history and fantasy is, as Lee Castro said, inimitable. Here's a short gallery of Oop art from Hamlin.

Image 1 : Vincent T. Hamlin - Alley Oop Daily Comic Strip Art Vincent T ...

Comic Strip Classics

V.T. Hamilin - Alley Oop strip art 10/23/48 Comic Art

... Image 2 : Vincent T. Hamlin - Alley Oop Daily Comic Strip Art Vincent T

[ Wizer refuses to share the cure for the common cold with Doc. ] Wizer

Page 1

Hamlin builds his sturdy narrative around the Trojan horse ploy, which is so vividly drawn that it made me wonder for the first time if the soldiers inside ...

... Original Comic Art:Comic Strip Art, V. T. Hamlin Alley Oop Daily Comic Strip Original ...

Alley Oop Alley Oop, Comic Strips, Funny Cartoons, Google Search, Prints,

THE BETTER HALF - BOB BARNES - Signed Original Comicstrip Art 1970

Herman (comic strip)

V.T. Hamlin: Alley Oop 1949 Comic Art

scan ...

BLONDIE #2.- That's Blondie Bumstead's Husband. (: Young, Dean;

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... Second Page of 'Review' Article

Original JACK HIGGINS Editorial Political Cartoon art UNABOMBER NEW YORK TIMES

Detalles acerca de Joe Palooka (47) domingo páginas por jamón Fisher de 1939 tamaño de media página!- mostrar título original

Brick Bradford

Blondie Comics Monthly No. 47: Young, Chic and


Others in the magazine's line-up: Buz Sawyer, Alley Oop, Gasoline Alley, Rick O'Shay. Subscriptions, $59/year (6 double-issues); Manuscript Press, ...

“Oops, I accidentally made a mark on Grimm with my ballpoint pen. I'll wash him with that new ink-dissolving soap…

Alley Oop Daily October 26, 1938

Actual item pictured; not a generic image.

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How Could You Just Walk Out On Me Like This? Drawing by Robert Leighton Newspaper

Other descriptors for Virgo (from her application): "Not just another pretty face

... Second page of U.S. Air Force press release about 'Alley Oop' airplane

GA ...

A typical cavepeople cartoon by T.S. Sullivant, created decades prior to Alley Oop. Virtuoso

This gives you a chance to read a nice chunck of Alley Oop from 1953, just in time for the renewed attention the strip is getting from IDW.

Dale Messick Brenda Starr Comic Strip Illustration Original Art Signed Autograph

Who among you hasn't looked at some guy's big, bald head and wanted to bite into it like a hard boiled egg?

Many ...

Signed Merrill Blosser Freckles and His Friends Comic Strip Original Art 1937

Alley Oop Comics #1

The Mad Art of Caricature! : A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny



Behind the picture is a link to someone's idea of the 25 best. Agree? And this is a link to a history of the comics.

Alley Oop: The Complete Sundays Volume 1 (1934-1936) Hardcover – 15 Apr 2014

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Great Moments In Comics #38

Alley Oop by V.T. Hamlin (1-15-58)

First page of U.S. Air Force press release about 'Alley Oop' airplane

Agnes; Alley Oop

This interview first appeared in Hogan's Alley #2. To purchase and download a complete

The French version of Nancy from January 16, 2006