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42B IMF Bribe For Assanges Arrest US Denies Entry To BDS Founder

42B IMF Bribe For Assanges Arrest US Denies Entry To BDS Founder


#FreeAssange #BDS #Israel

#WikiLeaks #FreeAssange #ChelseaManning

UN Special Rapporteur On Torture Exposes Anti-Assange Smear Campaign

The glimpse of Julian Assange being dragged from the Ecuadorean embassy in London is an emblem of the times. Might against right. Muscle against the law.

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Then he goes to Israel to get his orders from Netenyahu and issues threats from there. Trump should fire him for the humiliation, but he can't.

Facebook Censorship: White Supremacy of the Most Hypocritical Type

The musical chairs playing out among the senior officials that make up the President Donald Trump White House team would be amusing to watch but for the ...

Georgia Rep. Tom Price , one of the biggest critics of the Affordable Care Act, appears for his confirmation hearing Wednesday to become HHS secretary.


The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Israel Anti-Boycott Act - An Attack On Free Speech?

Let's Boycott Israel and Its Friends

Peru's former president Alan Garcia committed suicid amid crruption probe and during arrest.

Trump Dances to Israel's Tune

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In Face of Yellow-Vest Critics, France Moves to Criminalize Anti-Zionism

CIA, Trilateral Commission, Ford Foundation groomed Obama for 30 years to become President.

Sex ...

Rumors ...

FILE PHOTO - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the. Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Britain, May 19, 2017. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

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Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. (Photo credit: The Guardian)


The BDS movement was founded in 2005 and supports the right to return for Palestinian refugees · “

Those arrested were being questioned over their links to the Anatolia Culture Association founded by Osman Kavala, a philanthropist businessman, ...

YouTube Pizzagate & Wikileaks - Assange ADMITTED He Works For ISRAEL & There Is AN AGENDA Behind Wiki Info .... Trump would not have been elected without US ...

The U.S. military led a mission to Colombia in the early 1960s that warned its government that it was ill-prepared for the “communist threat” facing the ...

12.17.2017. «

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Delhi Police Special Cell arrests JeM terrorist Fayaz Ahmad Lone from Srinagar

If you are in Public Office or of Blue blood, the CSA/SRA cover-up is a well practised process overseen by the Intelligence Services .

Turgut Gambar, founding member of NIDA Civic Movement, speaks to CIVICUS about the growing restrictions on civil society in Azerbaijan and the government's ...


Aneurin Bevan: "The Tories are ...

Breaking News: Illinois man allegedly kills 4-year-old girl after she spilled juice on Xbox

(PDF) Interests, Expectations and Fears of Germany in the Face of the Arab Spring | Aleksandra Kruk - Academia.edu

Will They Soon Clone Human Beings?

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huawei meng wanzhou

French President Says Blockchain Could Put Europe at 'Vanguard' of Innovation – CoinDesk

IS GOD A Mystery?

... Florida may have started out as a retirement mecca for winter-worn pensioners from northern climes. However, after the beginning of the Cold War and US ...

Pamela Anderson has finally spoken of her romantic connection with Julian Assange, the public leader of the Zionist operation known as WikiLeaks.

Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace – Bitcoin News

EUROPE and AMERICA in Prophecy


... at the @WhiteHouse to discuss the US – Israel relationship, our peace efforts and Hadassah's hospitals in Israel which serve as a bridge to peace.

Consortium News, Democrats, Too Clever by Half on Clinton, Robert Parry, May 13, 2016. Last year when Democratic insiders looked forward to Election 2016, ...

4 (UPI) -- Donald Trump has mocked U. S. intelligence agencies, citing an alleged delay in a briefing over Russian hacking, but officials said no such ...

Sayyed Ali Khamenei went to New York, and at the UN Security Council told the world that “the US will receive a response to its hideous action” in the Gulf ...

Facebook Purge Continues: 559 Pages, 251 Accounts Removed Ahead of US Elections – Bitcoin News · “

Breaking News: Crusader of the Independence of the Volta Region; 8 others arrested · World · Contact Us

“United States of Europe”-When?

IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: February 10th, 2019 – February 16th, 2019

MIDEAST STRIFE—Will It Lead To ARMAGEDDON? – Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association

$4.2B IMF Bribe For Assange's Arrest, US Denies Entry To BDS Founder & GOP Seeks To Force Anti-BDS

Clinton, John McCain and John ...




How To Have A Happy Marriage

Tarpley Part 1 US ...

Bill Daly's "Writing Argumentative Essays," - SigmaNet

It is quite possible that Stanley Armor Dunham's "furniture store" cover in Seattle was used to mask his actual continued work in Lebanon for Eisenhower's ...


... Northern Trust, loaned Obama $1.32 million for restored Georgian mansion, Susan Crown, close relative, vp Henery Crown and Company, important Obama ...

2018 Stock Market Crash Shreds $76 Billion Off America's Wealthiest

"Kolmen kirjaimen tiedustelupalvelut" perustivat Facebookin samana päivänä, kun puolustusministeriön tiedonkeruuohjelma peruttiin:

Cabildo Ordinario Informativo de Salida 2016

[There is a yawning gap of informed analysis being published about the next steps being taken by the U.S. government and military in their regime-change war ...

Joseph T. Guastella, commander of AFCENT, said in the release. “The sensor fusion and survivability this aircraft provides to the joint force will enhance ...

The Beast of the Apocalypse: What Is It?

Back to the main issue: it is essential for the West to discredit socialism, Communism, and also all anti-imperialist movements that are now getting ...



... (BULOG) that steered USAID-provided rice and other food staples to Suharto's business cronies. Suharto also relied on a group of U.S. economists, ...


Can Animated Series 'Bitcoin and Friends' Make Bitcoin Fun Again? – BitcoinNews.com


Primitive anti-communism in Indonesia: Russian citizen detained for wearing a t-shirt with sickle and hammer

Satan's Greatest Deception

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... US planes.