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20 Relatable Tweets About Money Problems But At Least We Can Cry

20 Relatable Tweets About Money Problems But At Least We Can Cry


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With tuition prices on the rise and the job market not looking so hot, spending four years putting yourself into debt for a job that might not exist can ...

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Just imagine these lyrics the next time this song comes on at a rager if you're in need of a good laugh-cry. Think that's funny?

If You Relate To These 32 Tweets, You're Probably Married

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29 Tantalizing Tweets Of Admirable Cleverness

Of course, that PowerPoint's not going to be too helpful when you've got an unwritten 20-page paper staring you in the face.

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You can always make up for it by reading the first and last paragraphs of each chapter and asking your friend for their notes. If the stress of your college ...



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The person who wrote this tweet isn't alone on this one. Anyone who's ever missed a deadline on a term paper has uttered a similar prayer.

24 Fascinating Library Secrets That Every Librarian REALLY Wants You To Know

You don't want to break the bank.

How Twitter Absolutely Obliterates A Soul In 9 Tweets

A Lying Privileged Millennial Gets Called Out In Four Tweets

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You might be having the time of your life, but also your hair might fall out from stress and your liver might send your brain distressing warning pangs.

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31 College-Related Memes And Tweets That Will Hit You Straight In The Feels And Leave You Crying

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29 Truly Relatable Marriage Tweets That Will Crack You Up | HuffPost Life

25 Humorous Memes Ripe For The Pickin'. Memes and tweets ...

93 Times Ryan Reynolds Was The King Of Twitter

To be clear: student loans are inescapable.

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Sunny D's Super Bowl tweet raises questions about mental health. Here's why brands may use 'performative depression' to push sales


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19 Tweets From Mom And Dad Which Are Actually Freakin' Hilarious


Funniest Relationship Tweets We Scrolled Past This Week

The funniest tweets from women this week

Turns Out Satan Has A Twitter Account, And It's Hilarious As Hell

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Do you feel like Season 8 of Game of Thrones is a completely different show from



29 Tweets About Dads That Are Hilarious Because They're So True | 22 Words

17 Memes That Sum Up The Rollercoaster That Is Finals Week. Memes and tweets ...


Funny Ryan Reynolds Tweets

Our Next Life -- Tanja's liquid assets 10 years before retiring early

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"You Were at My Wedding Denise" Slays Any Tweet Critiques #Tweets #Funnytweets

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@LaceyNycole / Via Twitter: @laceynycole

I scrolled through the comments, and was shocked to see that while 75% of the comments were a very strong affirmative, i.e. “PREACH IT, SISTER!

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28 Hilarious Tweets About Dating That Will Make You Want To Stay Single


Credit: Twitter @faggoat_

25 Amusing Sh*tposts To Totally Rid Your Mind Of Monotony

1. How Sasha really got a restaurant job for the summer:

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I Miss You When I Blink cover art

The funniest parenting tweets of the week.

Funny Ryan Reynolds Tweets

#ProJared #Scandal #Twitter #

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When you finally look good in a photo but you don't want your dad's 8th cousin's brother to be in the picture.

Did you make a New Year resolution?

And then, of course, there were guys like Epuri who thought it was okay to call me “sexy.” Amy put it so well — “the underbelly of being a woman on this ...


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Don't get discouraged by slow initial progress toward early retirement, financial independence or