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18th c Womens Jacket made in Great Britain 16001625 Sewing

18th c Womens Jacket made in Great Britain 16001625 Sewing


18th c Women's Jacket made in Great Britain, 1600-1625




A long-sleeved bodice on loan from The Shakespeare

Isis' Wardrobe: Informal jackets and waistcoats of the early 17th century

Early hand knit fashion items are scarcer than scarce. These linen mitts were made by

Supportasse of linen, silk, whaleboe, card, wire and linen thread. English, c. 1595-1615, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

1600.jpg (129549 bytes), c.

1600-1620, Great Britain, United Kingdom


Waistcoat, c. 1600-1625, English. London: Victorian and Albert Museum, 1359-1900

Jacket that goes with the Margaret Layton portrait Made in England and altered in Linen, embroidered with coloured silks, silver and silver gilt thread.


Kohler -- voided velvet jacket, sometime in the 16th c.

1600-25 Jacket - Linen, embroidered with silk and metal thread, and spangles

Date: third quarter 18th century; Culture: European

Stomacher with Crossed Cords (front and back)

Rebato Collar, c. 1600-1625 | Part One: Pattern and Materials

1660.jpg (85465 bytes), c.

British Museum, London Coat, Silk and linen, hand woven and hand sewn, Great Britain (made

... Northamptonshire A glove of cream leather with satin gauntlet embroidered with silk and metal thread, purl

Pickadil /Supportasse, circa 1600-1625

defunctfashion: “ Jacket | c. 1600-1625 ” This is BEAUTIFUL.

1600-1625, Great Britain, United Kingdom

Boy's Waistcoat


Halberd, c. 1600-1625. France, early 17th century. Steel,

1639Hollar.JPG (382347 bytes)

Pair of wedding knives

Woman's Jacket pieces. Britain, 1600-1625. Linen and silk, hand sewn

Figure 5

Baby's jacket; Hungarian, 1920-29. Baby's jacket of ivory-coloured net

Linen jacket embroidered with black silk, 1600-1625

Boating suit, hand- and machine-sewn cream wool with blue pinstripe, Great

England. Date: 1860-1870. Dimensions: 225.2 × 34.9 cm

... London Man's suit, coat and breeches, France (made), 1785-1792,

historicembroidery. Small 19th c. stitchery and ...

The ...


kohler385b.JPG (40187 bytes). Kohler, women's jacket, probably early/mid 18th century

Jacket. 18th Century ...


V&A Item O319493, link on left

WKXFJJWZC 10pcs Lace Zippers Sewing Tailoring Accessories

Victoria and Albert Museum, London Suit, ivory satin, quilted, with applied silk braid, England (made)

11_xl_AC04854. Stomacher and matching Gown, mid 18th century

Les Details de l'Habillement du Courtisan

Cardboard supportasse, padded with cotton wool and covered with ivory satin, arranged in radiating

bed-gown.JPG (125995 bytes)

Pascha nostrum immolatus est Christus, alleluia! Two Agnus Dei bookmark pillows: one is


metal sewing rollers and colored yarns - Stock Image

Boy's suit made of silk and black velvet, Italy, 1865. Boy's suit made


The word 'Kasuti' is believed to be a worn out variation of the word

image. men's men's fashions waistcoat extant example 18th century

Anaïs Toudouze and J. Desjardins. Women's and children's fashions, including a communion dress

Jacket Place of origin:England, Great Britain (made)Date:1630-

ChildrenPhilosophers suggestedPracticalComfortableFor health and development; 28.

The Tailor

Women's Hoods 1600-1690

Lace Cap Lappets


Bodies with detachable sleeves, pink watered silk trimmed with pink silk taffeta ribbons, English, c. 1660-1670. Victorian and Albert Museum, ...

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Kohler -- voided velvet jacket, sometime in the 16th c.

... Finland Man's banyan, 1720s-30s, made in Europe from imported Chinese silk damask (

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Detail from the Saltonshall Family, Tate Gallery

Chasuble of silk velvet with linen orphrey embroidered in silk, floss silk, and gold



13XX; 12.

This style, the combs, hair pieces, and cushions are all described in Plocacosmos - it was amazing! Plate is from a later Edition of Encyclopédie Méthodique ...


Culture: British. Dimensions: H. 8 x W. 10 inches


And here's the cap pinned into place - you can see the little nubs of the oorijzer poking out at her cheeks!

Mokyr, Joel (Ed.) - The British Industrial Revolution. an Economic Perspective | Economic Growth | Industrial Revolution

Waistcoat | V&A Museum | c. 1730-39 “ Satin dyed, a brilliant

Regram @greenbethx Silver Tissue Dress. Dated: 1660. Location: Fashion Museum,

Fig 3 - Detail from Laroon's Merry Song

Loom Width with Serrated Leaf Design, ca. 1600–1625


Bodies or Stays? Underwear or Outerwear? Seventeenth-century Foundation Garments explained.

1643hollar.jpg (705349 bytes)

... London A woman's jacket of hand-knitted silk and silver-gilt wrapped silk, lined

A man's coat of white wool, appliquéd with ivory silk ribbon, embroidered in silver

A Catalogue of Early Modern Prints.

Fan with lithographic design, paper, made in France, ca. 1855. Fan

Jacket Date: 17th century Culture: British Medium: leather

England. Date: 1870. Dimensions: 24.4 × 44.6 cm (9

Court presentation gown and train, Jacques Doucet, 1926. Gift of Miss Mary Dudley Kenna. In the collection of the Chicago History Museum. 1965.380a-e.


Dyeworks scrap bundle

25 reconstructions of a 17th century pair of silk stockings have now been completed by participants

Necklace and Earrings with original case

Head of E.O.W. III