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16 This Animal Looks Like A Bunch Of Swimming Feathers YouTube

16 This Animal Looks Like A Bunch Of Swimming Feathers YouTube


(16) This Animal Looks Like A Bunch Of Swimming Feathers - YouTube

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Wet feather is a condition most common in ducks not allowed regular access to a pool. It can also be caused by a poor diet, a lack of essential vitamins or ...


Chicks and han together


(with big thanks to Prof. Alejandra Núñez de la Mora)

Have you ever seen birds of a feather actually flock together? Because it is quite a sight to see.

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Dabbling ducks, such as this grey teal (Anas gracilis), frequent city ponds, drinking water reservoirs, and the waste water treatment plant.


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Scientists attached GPS trackers to a group of 16 albatrosses in the Indian Ocean. They

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If you are an adult and print these out to give to your friends, colleagues, & loved ones- please kick a coffee to the ko-fi accounts of the

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An Adélie Penguin plunges into the sea to eat. The penguins feast mainly on krill, tiny shrimplike animals, but also eat fish and squid.

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Unicorn Pool Float




A group of hyenas on a rock.

Pekins are most susceptible to wet feather, so if you raise Pekin ducks, it's very important to keep their pen as dry and mud-free as possible and be sure ...

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Griffon and Egyptian Vulture (c) Bruno Berthemy

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The official state bird of all 50 states

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Lobed (not webbed) toes make grebes powerful swimmers and divers. As a bonus, they look awesome. #FeetsFridaypic.twitter.com/Un4Lj30iQd



Polar bear lies on ice

Snowy owls are mostly white with narrow, sparse brown bars and spots. Their golden colored eyes are rather small for an owl and their toes and claws are ...


The great horned owl is nearly unparalleled as an avian apex predator, and this article

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... Yellow-headed Caracara ...

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Prefer feathers over fur? Hudson the Gyrfalcon now has his very own channel, too! Watch them live at: https://buff.ly/2t1Svxe pic.twitter.com/Dge3t1HWer

From Moose to Monarchs, Wildlife in the Heartland Needs the Endangered Species Act

The growing chicks need a great deal of animal protein for muscle and feather development early in life. They feed heavily on insects and other small ...

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Peregrine falcon

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